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the 3 coolest sunglasses trends in 2021 

These Sunglasses are hot

It is no longer just shoes or handbags that complete a look. Sunglasses are clearly one of the "statement pieces" that allow you to easily put some finishing touches to your outfit. But which sunglasses should it be? We have researched for you what the big sunglasses trends are for 2021 and which colours and shapes are trendy this season. So here they are: our top 3 sunglasses trends for the summer 2021:

Trend 1:

Oversize meets Retro-Look

While it was the mini shades that were very popular last year, this year the XL sunglasses are definitely back: with sunglasses with a large frame, you are right on trend. These large sunglasses look particularly cool with a retro-look frame. In general, retro is a trend that will accompany us in 2021 – whether in fashion or in the interior sector. So large sunglasses with a retro look are definitely a must-have in summer 2021. The colours are on the one hand classic black, but tortoise brown also looks super classy in combination with the oversize sunglasses. For those who are brave about fashion we can also recommend XL sunglasses in combination with trend number 2!

Oversize retro-look sunglasses:

Trend 2:

show your coloUr

This year, sunglasses in eye-catching colours are very popular again, regardless of whether the sunglasses have coloured glasses or coloured frames. Be it blue, red, pink or green: with the new colourful sunglasses you are guaranteed to attract attention. A trend that is definitely good fun!

colourful sunglasses:

sunglasses FRED:
Trend 3:

sunglasses with mono lenses

In 2021, sunglasses with mono lenses, i.e. a single, continuous lens, are gonna be very popular. These single shields look cool and sporty at the same time and are absolute eye-catchers. We find it particularly good that the mono-lens sunglasses are both trendy accessories and functional sports sunglasses at the same time. So if you invest in good single-shield sunglasses, you are perfectly equipped for everything summer brings! 

Sunglasses with mono lenses:

Sunglasses FRED

Timeless classics

Apart from the trends for 2021, there are the timeless classics among sunglasses that just never go out of style and you can't go wrong with. We can definitely recommend the following sunglasses from our range:

Sunglasses Olivia:


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