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Our high-quality POP EYES ski goggle lenses are made from resistant and temperature-insensitive polycarbonate. This robust and flexible material remains intact even under impact and retains its original shape.

Furthermore, polycarbonate ski goggle lenses are particularly light-transmitting and offer a clear and undistorted view of the surroundings. Polycarbonate ski goggle lenses are also capable of deflecting UV rays, providing protection for the wearer's eyes. This is especially important as the eyes are exposed to the sun and other elements during skiing and snowboarding.

Polycarbonate ski goggle lenses are available in various colors and tints and can be selected according to the conditions on the slopes. For example, there are yellow or orange ski goggle lenses that provide more contrast in poor lighting conditions, or darker ski goggle lenses for sunny days.

Overall, polycarbonate ski goggle lenses are a great choice for skiers and snowboarders who desire a durable and long-lasting ski goggle with a clear and undistorted view that also provides protection for their eyes.


For long-term clarity, all our POP EYES ski goggles feature an anti-fog coating. This coating is applied to the inside of the ski goggle lenses during manufacturing and prevents fogging on the inner side of the lens. Additionally, all POP EYES ski goggles feature double lenses, which provide significantly better ventilation than single lenses. Improved ventilation can help circulate air and prevent moisture from accumulating on the goggles or mask. Overall, anti-fog technology is an important feature to consider in glasses and ski goggles to ensure clear and unobstructed vision and enhance functionality.


All POP EYES ski goggles feature a ventilation channel at the top of the goggles. This ensures excellent airflow and provides you with clear vision at all times, as fresh air can enter and moist air is diverted. The optimal air circulation to prevent fogging is thus another highlight of our POP EYES ski goggles.


Thanks to the innovative magnetic interchangeable lens technology of our ski goggles JAMIE, you have control over every terrain and in any weather conditions - whether it's bright sunshine, dense fog, or blinding snow. Changing the lenses is easy with just one hand movement. The eight ideally positioned, high-strength magnets ensure super strong hold. With this stable connection, you don't have to worry about slipping or loosely fitting lenses.

In addition to the lens shown, you can choose from many other extra available interchangeable lenses that exactly meet your needs.


Our POP EYES ski goggles offer you absolutely unrestricted vision with a maximum field of view. Unrestricted vision means having a clear and unobstructed view of your surroundings without anything interfering or blocking your field of view. This is particularly important in goggles to ensure clear and undistorted vision.


The POP EYES ski goggles collection offers you the perfect product for all weather and visibility conditions. Our ski goggles feature different tinting of the lenses - which is crucial for light transmission and thus for your visibility on the mountain. Dark and mirrored lenses allow less light to pass through compared to light lenses. Therefore, on sunny days, the light transmission of the ski goggles should be low, and in bad weather, fog, artificial light, and heavy snowfall, your lens should offer high light transmission.

Ski goggles are classified into different categories based on their light transmission.

CATEGORY 0: corresponds to more than 80% light transmission - perfect for heavy snowfall and poor visibility.
CATEGORY 1: corresponds to approximately 43% to 80% light transmission - perfect for light snowfall, provides brightening effect.
CATEGORY 2: corresponds to approximately 18% to 41% light transmission - great for partly sunny, partly cloudy days.
CATEGORY 3: corresponds to approximately 8% to 18% light transmission - provides excellent visibility on predominantly sunny days.
CATEGORY 4: corresponds to approximately 3% to 8% light transmission - the lens for continuous strong sunshine.

You can find the categories of the POP EYES ski goggles in the respective models.


Typically, ski goggles have a base tint on the lenses (e.g., orange, yellow, or brown) to protect the eyes from sunlight. In addition, high-quality ski goggles also feature an outer mirror coating applied to the lens. Mirrored lenses not only look super cool but also block sunlight much better than a conventional non-mirrored lens. Naturally, all our POP EYES ski goggles feature this important feature. Our many different tints and mirrors provide excellent contrast enhancement and significantly better perception of unevenness on and off the slopes.


For an ideal fit of ski goggles and correct positioning, an elastic, adjustable goggle strap is essential. All POP EYES ski goggles feature two buckles on each side of the goggle strap, allowing you to adjust quickly to fit perfectly on your head or helmet. Additionally, each POP EYES goggle strap is lined with multiple silicone strips on the inside, preventing the goggles from slipping on the helmet.


In addition to a well-shaped frame, the foam padding plays a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable fit for ski goggles. The foam padding is designed to protect the face from pressure points, contributing to optimal wearing comfort. The facial foam padding of our POP EYES ski goggles provides precisely this comfort. The triple-layered facial foam consists of two different foam layers and a third, super-soft fleece layer that rests against the face.


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