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Ski Goggles JAMIE Neon

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JAMIE Neon - our ski goggles with magnetic interchangeable lens technology and the typical 80s style!
No matter what the weather brings – with JAMIE you will definitely have a clear view! The additionally available interchangeable magnetic lenses can be exchanged with one hand movement only.
Your individual JAMIE for every weather and every outfit!

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I am JAMIE Neon - your ski goggles for limitless slope fun!

JAMIE Neon means: with me, it's "back to the 80s". Neon-colored strap, with contrasting rubberized neon logo print, combined with a color-coordinated mirror. With my innovative magnetic interchangeable lens technology, you have control over every terrain and in any weather conditions. Whether it's bright sunshine, dense fog, or blinding snow - I always have the perfect lens ready. Thanks to the high-quality interchangeable lenses, I adapt flexibly to the conditions and ensure a safe driving experience. And the best part? You can change my lenses with a simple movement to match the respective conditions (or even just to match your outfit ;-)! The eight ideally positioned magnets still provide super strong hold as we rock the slopes.

Included in the scope of delivery is the lens shown. Plenty of other really cool interchangeable lenses are also available additionally, and you can choose the perfect lenses for your needs as you like.

Your style, your decision!

Here is the link to the interchangeable lenses.

In the included bag, you can store and take the interchangeable lenses to the slopes. For extra special protection, I recommend the ski goggles case, in which one ski goggle and up to two additional interchangeable lenses can fit. The Lens Cover provides additional protection for the lenses.

All magnetic interchangeable lenses are cylindrical double lenses made of super-durable polycarbonate, which guarantees you the best possible protection, break resistance, and 100% UV protection. The extra-large, frameless lenses also offer you a super-wide field of vision. Thanks to the anti-fog technology, you always have a clear view. The foam padding in my frame ensures comfortable wear. The silicone strip on the strap also guarantees you perfect grip on the helmet.

More information about my technical features can be found below or on the Features page or in the User Guide!


Ski goggles with magnetic interchangeable lens technology

Ski goggles with magnetic interchangeable lenses are equipped with replaceable lenses that are attached directly to the frame using magnets. These ski goggles allow you to quickly and easily switch between different lenses that are ideal for varying light and weather conditions.

Plenty of additional interchangeable lenses available

The package of JAMIE includes the pictured magnetic lens. Additionally, you can choose from a plethora of interchangeable lenses available according to your requirements. If you're mainly out in sunny conditions, then choose a darker lens. If you also enjoy skiing in the evening and need goggles for the descent, we recommend one of the lenses with high light transmittance. Or give your JAMIE an upgrade and match it with additional colored lenses for your various outfits.

Interchangeable lenses can be swapped in seconds

JAMIE's unique magnetic interchangeable lens system allows you to change lenses within seconds without removing the frame or strap. Simply hold JAMIE in the nose area with your thumb and forefinger, then lightly press the frame at the small "bridge" on the left or right side of the lens (between the lens and the strap). The lens will detach from the frame, allowing you to insert the new lens.

Eight perfectly positioned magnets for super-strong grip

Our ski goggles JAMIE not only offer an unparalleled skiing experience due to excellent visibility but also provide a perfect grip for the lenses thanks to eight perfectly positioned magnetic points. The lens also fits flush with the frame, preventing accidental popping out. The innovative magnetic interchangeable lens system is designed to securely hold the lenses in place, even during very demanding descents.

Double lens made of polycarbonate for break resistance and 100% UV protection

The ski goggles JAMIE offer ultimate protection and clear vision through the double lens made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is an extremely robust material that provides excellent break resistance in case of falls or impacts. The double lenses of our ski goggles JAMIE also reliably protect your eyes from sunlight. They offer 100% UV protection, preserving your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

Silicone strips on the strap for optimal fit

The strap of our ski goggles JAMIE is equipped with silicone strips to ensure an optimal fit. These three silicone strips ensure that the ski goggles stay securely on your helmet while skiing or snowboarding, without slipping. The strap is adjustable, allowing you to customize the ski goggles to fit your helmet. This ensures the crucial perfect and comfortable fit throughout the day.

Foam padding for pressure-free wearing comfort

The foam padding of our ski goggles JAMIE ensures pressure-free wearing comfort. It ensures that the ski goggles fit snugly without causing uncomfortable pressure points. The foam padding is soft and comfortable, allowing you to spend the entire day on the slopes. Additionally, it provides insulation against cold and wind.

Also suitable as ski goggles for eyeglass wearers

The ski goggles JAMIE are also suitable for eyeglass wearers and offer a comfortable and practical solution for those who rely on prescription glasses. JAMIE has a material recess in the foam padding that allows you to wear your prescription glasses under the ski goggles. Please note that this does not apply to large, fashionable glasses.

Conclusion: JAMIE is the ideal ski goggles if you spend a lot of time on the mountain and want to be prepared for all visibility conditions

lens change

Our tip for changing the magnetic lenses

The secure grip of the magnetic lens is one important component, but the lens must still be able to detach quickly and easily from the holder during a change. With our ski goggles JAMIE, it's a breeze!

The best way is to hold the lens in the upper and lower nose area with your thumb and forefinger, then gently push the frame slightly back at the small "bridge" on the left or right side of the lens (between the lens and the strap). This will release the interchangeable lens from the frame. Done!

In the bag that comes with your ski goggles JAMIE, you can store and take the interchangeable lenses to the slopes. For extra special protection, we recommend our ski goggles case, where one ski goggle and up to two additional interchangeable lenses can fit.

perfect match


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