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We were looking for the perfect yarn for our POP TOES cycling socks for a long time:
It should be comfortable to wear, have a thermoregulatory effect, prevent sweat and bad smells, dry quickly, be light and yet durable. We finally found all of these properties in PROLEN®YARN. Our POP TOES cycling socks consist of 90% this high-quality yarn.

Here, we have summarized PROLEN®YARN's features:


Comfortable warmth in the cold and pleasant coolness in hot temperatures

For you as an outdoor athlete, this property is extremely important in sportswear and especially sport socks. Thermoregulating means that the socks "react" depending on the temperature and keep you warm in cold weather or cool in warm temperatures. PROLEN®YARN has the lowest conductivity of all fibers and has enormous insulating power and therefore has the property that the ideal temperature is maintained when it comes into contact with the skin. This guarantees the highest level of comfort for your POPTOES bike socks.

POPTOES bike socks highlights:

  • warming when it's cold, cooling when it's hot
  • highest wearing comfort


Good-bye sweat and smell

With the cycling socks from POPTOES, sweat and unpleasant smells are a thing of the past. Why?
PROLEN®YARN is chemically "inert" and does not react with other substances such as sweat.
Bacteria, which are the cause of bad smells, cannot develop either.
PROLEN®YARN can also be worn by very sensitive people without any problems and does not cause allergies.

POPTOES bike socks highlights:

  • no sweat
  • no unpleasant smell
  • does not cause allergies


Dry again in no time

The so-called moisture absorption index of PROLEN®YARN is almost zero: This means that the yarn of your POPTOES bike socks does not absorb moisture, but acts like a second skin and the moisture simply escapes through the small "gaps" in the fabric transported. Thanks to this ideal moisture management, your POPTOES cycling socks always stay pleasantly dry and almost odorless.

Incidentally, the moisture-transporting layer is integrated directly into the yarn. With conventional yarns, the layer is usually only applied to the outside and washes out over time. Your POPTOES bike socks keep this layer for the entire life of the sock.

And by the way: The moisture transport also works, of course, if your cycling socks get wet during a rain shower or you wash them: your POPTOES bike socks are dry again in no time.

POPTOES bike socks highlights:

  • fast drying
  • moisture is transported to the outside


The socks for all occasions

An important factor for good sports socks is longevity: Nothing is more annoying than a new pair of socks that have holes after the first few trips. Good that your POPTOES cycling socks are largely made of PROLEN®YARN: the revolutionary fiber is extremely hard-wearing and withstands abrasion, tension and tears. The abrasion resistance of PROLEN®YARN is 2.5 times higher than that of wool. Sun, sweat and moisture cannot harm the fiber.

You don't need to worry about fading the bright colours of your POPTOES bike socks either – a special dyeing technique is used to dye the entire fiber through and thus retains its freshness and color even after repeated washing. Also, the dyes do not get into your skin.

POPTOES cycling socks highlights:

  • extremely hard-wearing
  • high abrasion resistance
  • colour freshness and colour intensity are retained


More comfort and freedom of movement

PROLEN®YARN is one of the lightest fibers on the market. For example, it is 50% lighter than cotton. In addition to the resulting comfort and increased freedom of movement in your POPTOES socks, there are also ecological advantages in terms of raw material consumption: One kilogram of PROLEN®YARN can be used to produce the largest area of ​​fabric compared to all other yarns, for example 1.5 times more than polyester.

POPTOES cycling socks highlights:

  • highest comfort
  • full freedom of movement
  • ecologically beneficial

Easy care

Just wash and put on again

Due to the unique composition of the fibers of your POPTOES bike socks, no water is absorbed, which inhibits the formation of stains. Dirty substances only remain on the surface of the fibers and can be easily cleaned. Simply wash your POP TOES bike socks at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. You can use the socks again shortly after washing as they dry extremely quickly. Ironing is obviously not necessary. Your POPTOES cycling socks are also not electrostatic, which means that they do not attract dust. Practical, isn't it?

POPTOES cycling socks highlights:

  • reduced staining
  • just wash and wear again


Good for you, good for the environment

Little water is used for the production of PROLEN®YARN and no pesticides are used. The yarn for your POPTOES cycling socks is dyed with the so-called "dope-dyed" technique, in which the fiber is dyed completely during the spinning process. The color intensity of your bike socks is higher and lasts longer. In addition, far fewer chemicals and much less energy are required than with conventional dyeing, in which the color pigments are applied to the fiber surface.

As already mentioned above, the yarn of your POPTOES cycling socks is also particularly light, which leads to a reduced consumption of raw materials. One kilogram of PROLEN®YARN, for example, can produce 1.5 times more fabric than one kilogram of polyester.

PROLEN®YARN can be 100% recycled and is strictly bluesign® certified.

POPTOES cycling socks highlights:

  • low water consumption
  • low energy consumption
  • reduced raw material consumption
  • 100% recyclable


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