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Bike socks SAM

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High-end cycling socks in a very cool design

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Hi, I'm Sam!

I am pretty sure that I will become your new favorite cycling socks. Why?

I am made in Europe and mostly made of PROLEN®YARN. This high-quality and revolutionary yarn has a thermoregulatory effect, which means that it "reacts" depending on the temperature and has a warming effect when it is cold and cooling when it is hot.

With me, perspiration and unpleasant smells are a thing of the past. The so-called moisture absorption index of PROLEN®YARN is almost zero: This means that the yarn of your POP TOES bike socks does not absorb moisture, but acts like a second skin and the moisture simply passes through the small "gaps" in the fabric and is transported outside. Thanks to this ideal moisture management, your POP TOES cycling socks always stay pleasantly dry and almost odorless.

I am also very robust: The abrasion resistance of PROLEN®YARN is 2.5 times higher than that of wool and thus withstands abrasion, tension and cracks. Nevertheless, PROLEN®YARN is one of the lightest fibers on the market.

I am ecologial, because during the production of PROLEN®YARN only little water is used and no pesticides are used. In addition, I am skin-friendly and you can also wear me if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies.

This guarantees the highest level of comfort for your POP TOES bike socks.

If you are looking for cycling socks that meet your high standards for every tour, then you have come to the right place!


You can find more about the high quality yarn here:




We have summarized the most important features of our POP TOES bike socks Sam here:

  • medium leg height
  • light compression
  • reinforced in the entire foot area
  • air control system
  • anatomical Y-type heel
  • seamless toe part
  • non-compressive welt
  • 90% PROLEN®YARN, 8% Poliamid, 2% Elasthan


  • thermoregulating – cools when it it's hot, warms when it it's cold
  • wicks away moisture – inhibits perspiration and odor
  • extremely hard-wearing – 2.5 times more abrasion resistance than wool
  • easy care – just wash, dry immediately
  • Resource-saving – low water and energy consumption in production
  • skin-friendly – does not react with sweat and moisture


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