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Is there actually a pair of ski goggles suitable for every weather – regardless of whether it's bright sunshine or heavy snowfall?
Or ski goggles that I can use during the day for skiing and in the evening for the descent after a ski tour or for tobogganing? If you have asked yourself these questions, then we can tell you: Yes! With ski goggles with magnetic interchangeable lenses (like our JAMIE) or an additional magnetic lens (like our BOB) this is possible!
Depending on the weather or time of the day, you can just change the magnetic lens of your ski goggles or apply/remove the additional magnetic lense according to you needs. 
In today's blog post we have summarized the facts about the first of these ski goggles' variants for you:


Our JAMIE ski goggles are equipped with this so-called magnetic interchangeable lens technology. Three different lenses can be easily inserted or removed and ensure the best view in any weather!
The black or silver lens (JAMIE Smoky Gray) is suitable for the most beautiful sunshine, the colored mirrored lens (blue or green depending on the model) for a mix of sun, clouds or light snowfall and the clear lens (all models) for very strong cloudy days, heavy snowfall or the evening.

Two factors are particularly important when it comes to ski goggles with interchangeable magnetic lenses:
On the one hand, the lens should hold securely, but on the other hand it should also be easy to change.


One thing's for sure: the magnetic lens of your ski goggles must sit perfectly and firmly in the frame. Nothing is more annoying than magnetic lenses that don't hold up properly and maybe even fall out of the ski goggles.
We have therefore taken special care to ensure that a corresponding number of high-quality magnets are used for our ski goggles.
Finally, a total of eight magnets were used, which are ideally positioned and thus guarantee a perfect hold.

It is also important that the magnetic lens cannot be accidentally detached from the frame of the ski goggles. For this reason, it was important to us that the lens sits nicely flush in the frame. Thus, it cannot be accidentally pushed out of the frame by a thoughtless hand movement.


The firm hold of the magnetic lens is one important component, but the lens must also be easy to remove from the frame.
With JAMIE, that's really easy too!
It is best to hold the lens in the nose area at the top with your thumb and forefinger and then press the frame slightly backwards on the small "bar" to the left or right of the lens (between the lens and the strap). That's it!

You can keep the interchangeable lens in the bag that comes with your JAMIE ski goggles and take it with you on the slopes.



By the way, our JAMIE ski goggles are available in five versions:




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