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For a long time, we were in search of the perfect yarn for our POP TOES cycling socks: It should be pleasant to wear, have thermoregulating properties, prevent sweat and unpleasant odor, dry quickly, be light yet durable. We finally found all these characteristics in PROLEN®YARN. Our POPTOES cycling socks are made of 90% of this high-quality yarn.

We have summarized everything PROLEN® YARN can do for you here:


Cozy warmth in cold weather and pleasant coolness in hot temperatures

For you as an outdoor athlete, this feature is extremely important in sportswear, especially in sports socks. Thermoregulating means that the socks "react" according to the temperature, keeping you warm in the cold and cooling you down in warm temperatures.

PROLEN® YARN has the lowest conductivity of all fibers and tremendous insulating power, which results in the property of maintaining the ideal temperature upon contact with the skin. This ensures the highest level of comfort for your POP TOES bike socks.

POPTOES Cycling Socks Highlights:

  • warming in cold weather, cooling in heat
  • highest wearing comfort


Goodbye sweat and odor

With the cycling socks from POPTOES, sweat and unpleasant odor are a thing of the past. Why?

PROLEN® YARN is chemically "inert" and does not react with other substances, such as sweat. Additionally, bacteria, which are the cause of bad odors, cannot thrive. PROLEN® YARN can also be worn comfortably by very sensitive individuals and does not cause allergies.

POPTOES Cycling Socks Highlights:

  • no sweat
  • no unpleasant odor
  • does not cause allergies


Quickly dry again

The so-called Moisture Absorption Index of PROLEN® YARN is almost zero: This means that the yarn of your POPTOES bike socks does not absorb moisture, but acts like a second skin and simply transports the moisture out through the small "gaps" in the fabric. Thanks to this ideal moisture management, your POPTOES cycling socks always stay pleasantly dry and nearly odorless.

The moisture-transporting layer is actually integrated directly into the yarn. In conventional yarns, the layer is usually only applied on the outside and washes out over time. Your POPTOES bike socks retain this layer throughout their entire sock life.

By the way: The moisture transport also works when your cycling socks get wet, for example, in a rain shower or when you wash them. Your POPTOES bike socks will be dry again in no time.

POPTOES Cycling Socks Highlights:

  • quick-drying
  • moisture is transported outwards


The sock for all occasions

An important factor for good sports socks is durability: There's nothing more frustrating than a new pair of socks that already have holes after the first few rides. Luckily, your POPTOES cycling socks are mostly made of PROLEN® YARN: this revolutionary fiber is extremely durable and withstands abrasion, tension, and tears. The abrasion resistance of PROLEN® YARN is 2.5 times higher than that of wool. Sun, sweat, and moisture have no effect on the fiber.

You also don't have to worry about the vibrant colors of your POPTOES bike socks fading - a special dyeing technique ensures that the entire fiber is dyed, which means it retains its color freshness and intensity even after repeated washing. The dyes do not penetrate your skin.

POPTOES Cycling Socks Highlights:

  • extremely durable
  • high abrasion resistance
  • color freshness and intensity are preserved


More comfort & freedom of movement

PROLEN® YARN is one of the lightest fibers on the market. For example, it is 50% lighter than cotton. In addition to the resulting comfort and increased freedom of movement in your POPTOES socks, there are also ecological benefits in terms of raw material consumption: From one kilogram of PROLEN® YARN, the largest area of fabric can be produced compared to all other yarns, for example, 1.5 times more than from polyester.

POP TOES Cycling Socks Highlights:

  • highest comfort
  • full freedom of movement
  • ecologically advantageous

Easy care

Simply wash and wear again.

Due to the unique composition of the fibers in your POPTOES bike socks, no water is absorbed, which inhibits the formation of stains. Dirty substances remain only on the surface of the fibers and can be easily cleaned. Simply wash your POP TOES bike socks at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. You can use the socks again shortly after washing, as they dry extremely quickly. Ironing is not necessary, of course. Your POPTOES cycling socks are also not electrostatic, meaning they do not attract dust. Convenient, isn't it?

POPTOES Cycling Socks Highlights:

  • reduced stain formation
  • easy to wash and wear again

RESource efficient

Good for you, good for the environment

During the production of PROLEN® YARN, only a small amount of water is used, and no pesticides are used. The yarn for your POPTOES cycling socks is dyed using the so-called "Dope-Dyed" technique, where the fiber is completely dyed during the spinning process. This results in higher color intensity in your bike socks, which lasts longer. Additionally, far fewer chemicals and much less energy are needed compared to conventional dyeing methods where color pigments are applied to the fiber surface.

As mentioned before, the yarn of your POPTOES cycling socks is also particularly lightweight, leading to reduced raw material consumption. For example, from one kilogram of PROLEN® YARN, 1.5 times more fabric can be produced compared to one kilogram of polyester.

POPTOES Cycling Socks Highlights:

  • low water consumption
  • low energy consumption
  • reduced raw material consumption
  • 100% recyclable


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